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Broughton Rifle Barrels / North Manufacturing Co., Inc. is dedicated to crafting one of the Premier Stainless Steel Rifle Barrels in the U.S.A utilizing the 5C ® process. If you want to build a rifle with a premier target quality barrel that will give the shooter the edge they need to shoot that trophy mount or shoot a small group, then you want a Broughton 5C® Rifle Barrel.

Broughton 5C® Rifle Barrels are crafted from the finest material made today, 416R Stainless Steel. They are pulled button-rifled, Double stressed relieved at the mill & triple stress relieved in our shop at Broughton 5C® Rifle Barrels. Then each barrel is hand lapped with a uniform land and groove diameter up to 0.0001" from breech to muzzle. Our muzzle is NEVER larger than our breech.

We offer a variety of land and groove combinations for most twist in calibers 22RF to .408 with 5C ® rifling, but conventional rifling is available. We are continually adding new selections to meet the demands of new bullets and cartridges. Please give us a call at (920) 922-4882 for specific combinations.

Since 2003 we have introduced 22RF, .224, .243, .257, .264, 270, .284, .296, .308, .338, .375 and .408 caliber "5C ®" (canted land) barrels. These barrels are showing exceptional clean ability, more velocity, longer barrel life, reduced bolt / breech pressure and extreme accuracy - shooting small groups at short and long ranges. We will expand this 5C ® land formation into other calibers and twist options in the future or when used to meet your needs.

Each barrel is crafted with the highest of quality standards. If a barrel doesn't meet our quality standards, it does not go out the door. From start to finish we track what is being done and the results to each barrel by serial number. An individual tracking record is kept with your file for every barrel. If a customer has a question or concern about their specific barrel or would like a barrel similar as another customer, we can look it up and duplicate or continually improve the process. Our craftsman takes pride in every barrel we ship.

It is our commitment to you to craft the finest rifle barrel your money can buy. Give us a call at (920) 922-4882 to discuss your next barrel purchase. Quality, Accuracy & Customer Satisfaction is #1. We guarantee it!